Did you know that a US woman angered officials after paying a $200 bill with…


An unnamed woman recently made the Pennsylvania officials reexamine their policy regarding coin payments instead of banknote ones.


The woman in question was obliged to pay a $200 sewer bill. When she walked into the Millcreek Township Municipal Building with a shoe box containing her payment, she got the officials furious. It turned out the shoebox contained nickels, quarters and dimes, which altogether made nearly $200! The woman’s spare change took 4 people and nearly an hour-long counting in order to verify that the coins could indeed pay the $200 bill. Of course, the woman had brought several banknotes, but most of the payment was done with coins. The officials were baffled, since they had never experienced such situation, and got so furious with the woman that they reexamined their coin policy.


Now the sewer authorities are accepting only $10 in unrolled coins. If a person is unable to pay with banknotes or prefers to use coins, the maximum will be extended to $20.


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