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Did you know that a US woman bought a car just so she could ….


If you hate your ex-employer, ramming a car into his shop is one way to deal with him. At least that’s what a woman from Kentucky did. Twice!

source: youtube
source: youtube

Long ago, 52 year old June Ann Blocker from Kentucky, US, was an employee of Kroger. However in 1999 she decided it was high time to show the company how she really felt about them and rammed a car into one of their stores in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. A decade and a half after her shocking actions, Blocker bought a new car in order to remind Kroger that she’s still around. The woman drove the new vehicle through the front door of another Kroger store in Elizabethtown and hit a cash machine inside the store. Two people were injured during her rampage, but fortunately their injuries were minor. When police officers arrived they arrested the woman, who faced several charges, including DUI.


A friend of Blocker’s told the media that she’s actually a nice person. Apparently not nice enough to forgive Kroger for whatever they’ve done to her.


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