Did You Know That A Vehicle Reported Stolen More Than 40 Years Ago Was…


It’s quite usual your stolen vehicle not to be recovered by the responsible authorities even if a full investigation was launched. But every now and then missing vehicles do resurface. This is specifically what happened the other day in Detroit,  Michigan.  It turns out the Tennessee police department successfully located a long lost Volkswagen Beetle in Detroit.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The vehicle was reported stolen by a man named Joseph McDonald in 1974 who was believed to be a college student in Knoxville at the time. More than 40 years after the man had reported his car stolen it  was finally discovered. The vehicle was initially red, but it was now white. Unfortunately, the police officers could not surprise with the good news Mr. McDonald whose contact phone number no longer works.  The 1965 vintage VW Beetle was being sent from Detroit to Finland in order to be restored and the previous owner did not know at all about the cars criminal history.


Successfully recovering a vehicle which is reported stolen more than 40 years ago is evidence about the attention to detail of the authorities.


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