Did You Know That A Viral Video Of An Eagle Grabbing A Helpless Little Child Actually Was…


If you still haven’t seen the completely mind-blowing action video in which a golden eagle flies in from the sky only to attempt to capture its prey in the form of a cute toddler, you can do it here!

This incident occurred in a park in Montreal, Canada.
The viral video portrays a brief flight of an enormous bird predator claimed to be a Golden Eagle. Everything seems fine until the bird decides to fly in attacking mode and snatch the little boy from the ground. The whole sequence unravels when the bird gets spooked by the father and drops the toddler on the ground. The little brave boy was then only teared up, luckily with no caused injuries by the fall. What a terrifying spectacle randomly captured on film!

Well, on a more entertaining note the video was obviously fake. After a few days of speculations and even more sharing of the astonishing video it has been concluded by the fans that this never actually happened. The eagle depicted in the video was actually a type of falcon uncommon for Montreal. The shadows were not matching and the bystanders in the video are not looking in the direction of the “eagle” at all.

Eventually, three Canadian students in 3D animation came forward admitting to have created the overnight viral video because of a project they were participating in. It took them nearly 400 hours and lots of brainstorming to complete the video.




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