Did You Know That A Waitress Found $1000 And Gave It Back To The Wrong….


On a regular Tuesday last week a waitress named Samantha Knight made a mistake that could potentially get her fired.

While she was cleaning up a table after a customer dined at the Laishley Crab House in Punta Gorda, Florida she discovered $1000 in cash just laying there on a chair. She picked up the money and decided to chase down the customer she thought they belonged to instead of cashing in an outstanding tip.

Sadly, the surveillance cameras caught Samantha Knight handing out the money to the wrong person. That certain customer thought the money was his after patting down his pockets and accepted the cash.


Eventually, the story broke out in the local news and the customer who took the cash woke up in the morning only to see himself all over TV. The man felt horrible for the obvious misunderstanding that made him accept the money, so he decided to go back to the restaurant later and give back the cash. As it turned out he also had about $1000 in cash and mistakenly assumed he had dropped it.

When the original owner of the money, Chuck Behm, found out about the awkward situation that Samantha Knight was into because of her honesty, he decided to let her keep the cash.

The waitress also shared that she was expecting a child and couldn’t be happier about this Christmas present.


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