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Did You Know That A 'Walking Dead' Class Is Being Offered By….


‘The Walking Dead’ has quickly turned into one of the most watched shows on AMC. The show’s popularity has reached such heights that Irvine, the University of California is giving an online class based on it. The class called ‘Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ and is taught by several professors from the Social Sciences, Public Health, Physics and Mathematics departments.


The course includes various topics such as the fundamentals of human survival, post-disaster nourishment and human conduct in a Darwin-like environment. Being so popular among different demographic groups raging from 18 to 49, the show provides a great starting point for discussing things like primary instincts such as survival, for example, and whether those instincts could suppress human values like compassion and sympathy.


Other universities such as Michigan State University and the community college in Nebraska have also offered zombie-based courses in the past. Creators of the courses claim that they do have real live application even though the zombie apocalypse situations are highly hypothetical.


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