Did you know that A wanted ex-convict got himself arrested after he teased the police on…


The social media can be useful for many things – stalking your ex, keeping in touch with a long lost friend or just serving justice by catching an insolent ex-convict – which is exactly what the police in Gwent, Wales, did.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

According to official reports, Logan Rhys James from Caerphilly, South Wales, got out of jail earlier than he should have. The 19 year old James was convicted of participating in a knife attack and he somehow managed to escape from his cell before his release date. Once the authorities realized what had happened, they started issuing arrest warrants and appeals in order to track him down. They also posted his picture on their Facebook page in an attempt to find him through the social media. As it turned out, their decision was wise, unlike James’ one. As soon as he saw his picture, he started teasing the police. The teenager posted a comment under the photo, stating that the Welsh police won’t see him slipping right under their noses. He also provoked them by saying “Catch me if you can”. And that’s exactly what they did.
Shortly after James commented on their page, the police tracked him down and arrested him. They expressed their gratitude towards anyone who had helped them, especially the teenager.


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