Did You Know That A Widower Was Given His Late Wife’s 1966 Time Capsule After…


There is nothing more exhilarating than discovering a long forgotten buried time capsule containing important messages from the past. This is exactly what happened to the 79-year-old family man named Bruce Klug.  Back in the 1980 he used to live in a house with his wife Betty Klug in North Phoenix, Arizona. Unfortunately, they faced tough times and were forced to sell the house and move out. Later in his life Bruce lost his wife Betty after a horrific car accident.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

In his 70s Bruce moved to a retirement home in Scottsdale, Arizona and lived there ever since.  It wasn’t until the contractor John Murray alongside his crew began renovating the Klug’s old residence in Phoenix. After tearing down a wall Murray discovered a time capsule. It contained a family photo of the Klug’s when they were both young and a letter with incredible sentimental value. In the letter the late Betty Klug described the political and cultural trends that were ongoing in the 60s. The letter also explained how Betty loved her dearest husband and could not imagine a life without him.


After the contractor Murray discovered the time capsule he felt he had to track down the former residents. Luckily after some time he was able to find Bruce Klug and deliver him the important letter from his late wife.


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