Did you know that a woman burned down her friend’s house because she had unfriended…

This photo is for illustration purposes only. Source: Reddit

Living in 21st century means living with the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. And sometimes we don’t quite get how much dependent we’ve become on the social media.

Jennifer Harris, a 30-year-old elementary school teaching associate, got off the rails thanks to taking the social network website a little too seriously. Jennifer had a fight with her neighbour Nikki Rasmussen over some comments on Facebook, which resulted in Nikki unfriending and blocking Jennifer on the website.


Jennifer got so angry with her friend that she decided to burn down her house while Nikki and her husband Jim were sleeping. She tried to torch the house in the middle of the night but the couple inside woke up from the noise and managed to escape. The garage and everything in it burned down, but Nikki and her husband got out without any injury.
Jennifer Harris was arrested and is being held in the Polk County Jail to $100,000 bail.


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