Did You Know That A Woman Called 911 On Herself For…


Mary Strey, a woman from Granton, Wisconsin, is probably one of the most conscientious people in the whole universe. The 49-year-old woman got really drunk but sat behind the wheel anyway as she wanted to get home. However, she must have been aware of her inability to drive at her state as she called 911 on herself before doing damage to somebody else. Reportedly, the woman had 0.17 of blood-alcohol level which is almost two times over the legal limit.



After she reported herself on the emergency line, she was advised to pull over and stay put until the police arrived. As soon as the police officers arrived they arrested her and Mary was charged with driving under alcohol influence.
According to Mary’s cousin, David Strey, the woman’s actions had surprised even him. Mary was wrong to get into her car and drive under the influence but she did the right thing by reporting it to 911 before she could hurt anybody.


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