Did You Know That A Woman Called Lee Redmond Has Been Growing Her Finger Nails For 30 Years And …


Lee Redmond was born in February 1941. She is best known as the woman with the world’s longest finger nails on both hands.


Lee started growing her fingernails during the late 1970s. She has been growing them for over 30 years until she reached the total length of more than 7 meters (22 ft). Her longest fingernail was the one on her left hand’s thumb, which was estimated to be exactly 80.0 cm (31’’5’). Redmond has made appearances on numerous TV shows such as “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” and also on the CBS News. As strange as it may sound, Redmond stated that her extremely long nails never interfered with her activities such as taking care of her husband, driving a car or giving haircuts to her grandchildren.


In 2009 the Guinness World Record holder lost her fingernails in a car accident. Nevertheless, she isn’t planning on growing them again since it took her over 30 years the first time. Furthermore, she states that living with shorter fingernails is much easier since the weight has been lifted from her hands.


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