Did You Know That A Woman Cancelled Her Brother's Wedding Because She…


Ann Duffy from Plymouth, UK really disliked Sara, her brother’s fiancee. 50-year-old Ann thought that Sandra Hardy was only marrying David for his money and didn’t care for him at all. Convinced that the marriage would end up in a nasty divorce, Ann decided to do something about it.


The 50-year-old woman called the register office pretending to be Sandra, the bride-to-be, and cancelled the wedding. She later phoned David and informed him about calling off the big day. When 28-year-old Sandra found out she didn’t take well to the news at all. Enraged by Ann’s actions, Sandra contacted the police and Ann ended up in court. Her lawyer tried to justify her deed by stating she did what she did out of care for her brother David and didn’t mean any harm.


However, Ann admitted being guilty of harassment and is currently waiting for her sentence. Sandra and David managed to rebook their wedding date and tied the knot in November last year.


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