Did you know that a woman filed for divorce because she didn't like the way her husband…


People say the real problems with your partner star once you get married. And by the looks of a Kuwait woman’s story, they might actually be right.


An unnamed woman from Kuwait found herself in an unexpected situation when she was extremely disgusted by her husband. According to the Kuwait newspaper Al-Qabas, her new husband was using bread instead of a fork while eating green peas. The woman, who had become a bride about a week before seeing her husband’s disgusting eating habits, decided she couldn’t put up with him. Instead of trying to talk the man out of it or trying something else, like couple’s therapy for example, the woman filed a divorce.


According to another report by the same paper, this isn’t an individual case. Another unnamed woman allegedly filed a divorce because of the way her husband was squeezing the toothpaste tube. The woman was repulsed, because her husband had been squeezing the tube at the middle instead of squeezing it at the end.


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