Did you know that A woman found a $600 pearl in her…


A Washington woman found a $600 oyster pearl in her sea food meal after she nearly broke her tooth with it.

Image Source: Screenshot KOMO-TV
Image Source: Screenshot KOMO-TV

Lindsay Hasz was shocked to discover she nearly broke a tooth with a pearl worth $600 when she was dining out at Montalchino Ristorante Italiano in Issaquah, Washington, US, with her husband Chris.
The woman had ordered a dish consisting of linguine with mussels and clams dressed in lemon and white wine sauce. As she was munching through her seafood meal she felt something hard against her teeth and realized it was a tiny pearl. Lindsay initially thought the pear had fallen out of one of the staff’s earrings or some other piece of jewelry, but she decided to take the pearl home with her and to study it further. Once the woman discovered the object’s unique purple glow and perfect oval shape she Googled it and found that it was actually a rare Quahog pearl. Lindsay saw that some of these pearls were worth thousands of dollars, so she decided to take it to a specialist.

Ted Irwin, the specialist in question working for the Northwest Geological Laboratory located in Bellevue, Washington, was skeptical at first, but after he studied the pearl he realized that the woman was right. The object was indeed a Quahog pearl of one carat. Irwin evaluated it as being worth around $600. He stated that it was quite a rare finding and that it was definitely of gem quality.
Officials at the Montalchino Ristorante Italiano commented on the extraordinary finding. They joked about how the $600 pearl proves that they are “serving nothing but the best” and that from here on their staff will start looking for other gems among the clams that go in the kitchen.


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