Did you know that a woman from LA sued Google because she got h….


If you get hit by a car and survive to tell the tale, you might consider suing the reckless driver instead of looking upon your reckless street-crossing. Whichever option you chose, you probably won’t file a lawsuit against a multi-successful company like Google, for example. However, Lauren Rosenberg from LA chose the latter option.


According to reports, Rosenberg was taking a walk in Park City, Utah, in early 2009. She asked Google maps for directions and the app led her to Deer Valley Drive, which didn’t have any pedestrian sidewalks and had a huge traffic. Rosenberg got hit by a car on the highway and filed a $100,000 lawsuit against Google. The lawsuit states that the driver Patrick Harwood, a resident of Salt Lake County, had been driving recklessly and caused the woman emotional, physical and mental injuries by hitting her. However, she didn’t demand refunds for her $100,000 treatment from the driver. Instead, she sued Google because according to her the app never warned her of any danger.


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