Did You Know That A Woman From UK Claims She Has Been Healed By The Ghost Of…


Diane Berthelot was suffering an infection after she had her gall bladder removed. For several months she was feeling unwell until one fateful day when she was miraculously healed.


Diane and her husband were out for a walk in Norfolk when they stopped at the Worstead village church. While her husband was taking photographs around the church, the woman sat down on a pew and started praying for her health. All of a sudden, she felt a warm sensation during her praying. The couple never thought Diane’s full rapid recovery had anything to do with the church. At least they thought so for several months until they decided to go back over the photographs taken in the church.


In one of them Diane was sitting on the pew, praying, while a strange woman with a bonnet dressed in white was sitting just behind her. The couple couldn’t believe their eyes since the husband swore he saw only his wife when he took the picture. Later the church vicar told the couple the White Lady was a legendary healer who helped the sick.


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