Did you know that A woman got arrested because she swore in front of…


Danielle Wolf thought she was having a bad day at a Kroger store earlier this August before it became utterly horrible.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

According to official reports, Danielle, her husband and their children were shopping at the Kroger store in North Augusta, South Carolina, when she got extremely irritated at her husband. He was allegedly squishing the bread in the shopping cart by placing some pizzas on it, so Danielle scolded him. She also swore at him and the bad language made another shopper uneasy. The female shopper approached Danielle and told her it was inappropriate to swear in public and in front of her children and called the officials. Danielle reportedly swore at the woman before getting arrested.


According to the laws of North Augusta, any kind of inappropriate behavior in public, including swearing, is seen as disorderly conduct. Danielle and the other woman have apologized to each other, but Mrs. Wolf will still have to appear at court in September.


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