Did You Know That A Woman Got Intentionally Arrested After Slapping A Cop In The Face Only Because…


This is one truly bizarre story that shows what people are capable of when they want to get rid of a bad habit. We have all heard of nicotine gum, nicotine patches and smokers 24/7 helpline but Etta Mae Lopez decided to use none of those in order to kick her bad habit of smoking tobacco. Instead, she decided to do something outrageous that was outside of the law and ultimately landed her straight in jail.

Mrs. Lopez sat for hours in front of Sacramento County Jail contemplating her weird plan. As it turned out Mrs. Lopez surprisingly blocked the path of a police officer who had just finished his shift and was leaving the building. She then purposely slapped the cop in the face. After getting arrested Lopez explained that she wanted to be imprisoned just to quit smoking.

Now Mrs. Lopez will serve a 63-day sentence complemented by a 3 year probation in which she would have plenty of time to kick out the unhealthy habit.


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