Did you know that a woman has been stinking of fish and rotten eggs for…


For the past decade and a half, 44 year old Ellie James has been fighting depression over her unusual condition. Ellie suffers from Trimethylaminuria, which makes her reek of fish and rotten eggs.


Over the course of the last 14 years, the British native has received tons of soaps and perfumes as birthday gifts and Christmas presents. But regardless of how many times a day Ellie scrubs her skin, the nasty odor doesn’t go away. Her condition makes her breath, sweat and urine release the unpleasant smell, because the Trimethylamine built in the organism can’t get out. The TMAU condition is actually a metabolic disorder and doesn’t have any known cure. It took nearly 7 years for doctors to find the reason behind the embarrassing condition. Unfortunately for Ellie, knowing the name of the disorder and knowing that there’s no cure doesn’t really help, but she is slowly beginning to regain some self-confidence.


The TMAU condition is extremely rare and is believed to be found mainly among women. There are only a handful of sufferers in the UK.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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