Did you know that A woman hijacked a bus, because she wasn’t allowed to…


An unnamed woman hijacked a bus in New York City, because she didn’t like the fact that she wasn’t allowed to smoke inside it.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

According to official reports, the NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority services had quite the trouble with some unnamed peace disturber in the early Tuesday morning on the 23rd of this February and an unexpected hijacking.

The incident in question happened around 7 AM on the 23rd of February when the unnamed woman walked into a bus and decided to light a cigarette while sitting somewhere in the back. Of course, it comes to no surprise that she was asked to stop smoking, but the woman got furious from the fact that she wasn’t allowed to smoke in an enclosed public space. She refused to put out the cigarette and when the driver asked her to step off the bus, she got even more irritated. The bus driver was forced to stop the bus, call the police and to take the rest of the passengers off the vehicle so that the police could restrain the woman. That was exactly when she hijacked the bus and drove away with it. The situation got completely out of control when the police started chasing her and a second bus was called in the dangerous chase through the streets of New York. Eventually, the driver of the second bus managed to cut off the woman and the hijacked vehicle and the police finally caught her.


The woman in question was immediately taken into custody by the cops and the order of the public transportation services in the city was restored once again. According to official reports, the unnamed peace disturber managed to travel a total of four blocks with the hijacked bus before she was caught.


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