Did You Know That A Woman Made Her Ex-Husband A Millionaire After Winning….


A British 70-year-old divorced mother and her son recently won the National Lottery. Doreen Hay and John Hay born and raised in Billingham, UK were able to snatch the jackpot of £7.5 million equaled to $12,267 million.


What is even more amazing about Doreen Hay is that she vowed to give a significant amount of her newly acquired fortune to her ex-husband. The 70-year-old pensioner Doreen was married to a milkman named John Hay for 12 years. The couple got divorced in 1987 after growing apart but decided to end their relationship. Although they were divorced the two remained very close friends for the rest of their lives. According to John Hay he did not expect at all to receive such a staggering amount of money from his ex-wife and son but says it’s quite typical of Doreen to put everyone else’s happiness and well being before her own.


The generous Jackpot winner Doreen Hay is also donating more than 40% of her winnings to her ex-husband family, her 3 grandchildren, 7 surviving siblings and 3 other charities as well as a local hospital.


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