Did You Know That A Woman Married Her Boyfriend One Year After He Had…


People say that the wedding day is supposed to be the best day of one’s life. However, it usually takes two to make a wedding. But in this case the bride was able to get married without a present groom.


Magali Jaskiewicz and her boyfriend Jonathan George were planning on having their dream fall wedding but an unfortunate event occurred two days before the fateful date. Jonathan passed away in a motorcycle accident leaving his girlfriend with a broken heart. However, the unfortunate event couldn’t bring down Magali’s spirit and she still wanted to marry Jonathan. She found that the French authorities allowed posthumous marriages and she set off to France in order to legalize her marriage to her dead boyfriend. Magali proved that they had been living together, had a joint bank account and had already set the wedding date.


The strange wedding that took place exactly a year after Jonathan’s death was 100% legal and about 30 friends and family members attended the bizarre event.


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