Did You Know That A Woman Organized A Horse Revenge On McDonald's Which Refused ….


One of the most stunningly bizarre events happened in a McDonald’s restaurant in the city of Whitefield, Greater Manchester, UK. The event featured an angry unsatisfied customer and her horse. What happened in that particular branch of the McDonald’s empire could be considered as utterly revolting but somewhat quite entertaining at the same time.


The employees of the restaurant were able to enrage a woman by refusing to serve her with her favorite Big Mac Menu when she appeared in the drive-thru lane riding a horse.

As it turns out there are very strong health and safety policies established by McDonald’s management that prevent the Drive-thru personnel from serving customers that are either pedestrians, cyclists or on a horseback.


When the woman got refused she decided to navigate her horse inside the restaurant. In front of the completely stunned customers and staff the horse defecated on the floor.

Eventually, the police showed up and issued a substantial fine to the lady for causing distress and alarm to the other customers including the stunned restaurant staff.


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