Did You Know That A Woman Purchased And Renovated A Boeing 727 Airplane To…..


In 1994 a woman named Joanne Ussery was looking for a new home to live in. She had enough cash saved in her bank account, therefore she decided to have a change of scenery and do something exciting. Joanne was working as a hair stylist in Benoit, Mississippi and was 52 years old back then.

It wasn’t long before her brother-in-law, a traffic controller at the Greendwood airport, suggested she bought a retired jetliner. Mrs. Ussery was looking for a mobile home that she could use to move around and the simple idea she got from her brother instantly turned into an obsession.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

After a couple of months spent in shopping around the airports and scrapyards, the woman found a solution to her problem. She bought a retired Boeing 727 which was manufactured in 1968 and scheduled to be scrapped in 1994. After some negotiating and waiting for the plane to be released the woman was able to transport it back to her plot near a lake in the town of Benoit. The woman paid only $2000 for the plane and $4000 for transport costs.


Mrs. Ussery completely renovated her new dream home. It is as functional as any real house could be and some of the original compartments of the jetliner have been kept intact. The woman designed her three bedroom house all by herself. Her favorite part is the cockpit area that is now turned into a master bathroom with a unique Jacuzii.

All in all, the woman has spent only $30,000 to create her dream house.


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