Did You Know That A Woman Revealed An Unsolved Murder Case After The Ghost Of The Victim Allegedly…


In 1976 a vicious murder and a robbery took place in the home of Teresita Basa, a nurse at the the Edgewater Hospital in Chicago. She got brutally stabbed to death by Allen Showery who was a colleague of hers. Showery, who was a ward assistant at the time, decided to set her dead body and the whole house on fire in order to cover all the evidence of his horrendous crime. A year later the murder was still left unsolved until the most peculiar supernatural occurrence happened.


Remy Chua, a technician responsible for the respiratory equipment at the hospital, started demonstrating a very awkward behavior. She began singing songs that she had never known before. Remy also became quite detached from her friends and started sticking to routines that were never her own. At one point she even fell in the state of trance and mumbled a few sentences to her family in Teresita’s voice.

Remy’s husband was a doctor at the same hospital and she specifically addressed him multiple times in Teresita’s voice. She begged him to go to the police and report a murder. Remy did not only give him elaborate details about the horrendous crime, what items were stolen from the victim’s apartment and how to find them but she even named Showery as the perpetrator.

After a couple of days Remy and her husband went to the police. The officers were quite skeptical when they first heard the story but, nevertheless, the couple reported everything that they had discovered about the case.


Eventually, the police officers brought in Showery for questioning and witnessed his alibi break when they discovered Teresita’s personal belongings and unique jewelry in his home. He finally confessed to committing the murder and was sentenced to life in prison.



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