Did you know that a woman sat on her boyfriend's toilet for 2….


Some people tend to do crazy stuff, which amaze the whole world. And this unnamed woman probably tops one of the weirdest charts for craziness of all times.


In a town in western Kansas, known as Ness City, an extremely strange occurring shocked the locals. In 2008 police reports told the tale of an unnamed woman, who had been sitting on her boyfriend’s toilet for 2 whole years. The woman hadn’t been tied up or glued to the toilet seat, but she probably had mental problems. According to her boyfriend, who had been bringing her water and food, she wasn’t willing to come out. The man told the police he had been asking her to come out every day for 2 whole years and her reply would always be the same – tomorrow. Maybe.


After Ness County’s police officers finally managed to get her up, she appeared to be atrophied, since her body fat had adjusted to the toilet seat. The woman was taken to a hospital, but there is no evidence if she was having mental problems or not.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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