Did You Know That A woman saved a little boys life giving him CPR after being hit in the chest. 7 Years later…


A completely unbelievable turn of events has quickly become New York’s most favorite story.
You can call it simply a double miracle but a teenager living in the western part of New York has miraculously helped saving the life of a woman who, on her part, saved his life seven years ago.


The first accident in which Kevin Stephan’s life was in great danger happened during a baseball match for the Little League. While the boy was preparing to enter the field he got unintentionally hit with a baseball bat in the heart region of his chest. His heart then stopped and he collapsed on the field. Luckily, a spectating mom of another player by the name of Penny Brown, who was also a nurse in the local hospital, was there to take action. She immediately rushed in and started a CPR on the boy till he returned to life.

Now the more interesting side of this story is that seven years later something even more incredible happened at a local restaurant. The same nurse was having dinner there while suddenly she began choking heavily because a piece of food got stuck in her throat. She was about to pass out while the witnesses were shouting for someone to come and help her.

Fortunately, our hero emerged from the kitchen after the restaurant employees called for the very same Stephen who was now, seven years later, a junior firefighter and an eagle scout as well as a part-time worker at the restaurant. He immediately performed the Heimlich technique and practically enabled Mrs. Brown to breathe again, hence saving her life. This case of two people helping each other in life threatening situations is considered to be quite extraordinary.





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