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Did you know that a woman saved her husband from deadly tiger attack by beating it with…


Tambun Gediu, a 60-year-old man from Kg Sungai Tiang, a village about 120 miles away from  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was attacked by a tiger in the Malaysian jungle. Luckily, his wife Han Besau managed to save his life.


The man was trailing a squirrel when he noticed that he was being trailed by a tiger himself. He tried to climb on a tree but the animal was faster : the tiger caught him and dragged him down. Tambun used all his strength to punch the tiger on the head but it didn’t help.

Fortunately, his wife Han Besau came to the rescue. The 55-year-old woman was cooking dinner when she heard the tiger’s roar. She figured out her husband might be in trouble and arrived to help him, armed with a wooden soup ladle. She ran toward the animal screaming as loudly as she could and hit it with the spoon on the head. Amazingly, the animal ran away.


Tambun admits that if his wife hadn’t arrived and chased the tiger away, he would have been killed. The man stated he was immensely proud of Han’s heroic act.



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