Did You Know That A Woman Spent $15,000 On Plastic Surgeries Just To Take Perfect….


Selfies have been a craze for quite some time now and, apparently, people will do anything just to look good on them. A 38-year-old woman from Los Angeles, named Triana Lavey, went to some extremes just to like the way she looked on the pictures she uploads on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Image Source: ABCNews
Image Source: ABCNews

Triana works as a talent manager for an LA based PR company that specializes in developing online talent. Thus, Ms. Lavey became aware that her social media presence was just as important as her real-life presence. Therefore, she couldn’t allow unflattering shots of herself to appear online anymore so she turned to plastic surgery. First, it was a chin implant to correct her weak chin, then a nose job followed by cheek-defining fat grafts and Botox. All those beauty enhancements ended up costing $15,000 but Triana claims they were as necessary as rent, food or medical insurance, for example. Today, two years after she started her transformation, the woman claims it was all worth it and she looks just like herself, only Photoshopped.


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