Did you know that a woman stole over $70,000 in order to fund her own….


Weddings and wedding planning tend to overwhelm people. And sometimes they can be so stressful that they make people go crazy.


Joanne Kent from the UK wanted to have a luxurious wedding, but she couldn’t finance it herself. So, she decided to use the company of her ex-employer and get her dream wedding day. She stole $75,000 from Wilson UK Ltd, which is a supplier to oil companies, by lying about transfers she made to other companies and sending the money to her own bank accounts. The financial manager of the company busted Kent by realizing that the former employee had allegedly transferred money to an American company in British pounds instead of dollars.


Kent was arrested and sentenced to jail for 2 years. She admitted that she used the money so she could provide all of her guests with Armani bracelets, overnight stays at an expensive hotel and fireworks. She even bought two new vehicles. The judge would have sentenced her to an additional eight months in jail, but since Kent was a mother of two, she only got a couple of years behind bars.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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