Did You Know That A Woman Sued Her Dance Teachers Because She Couldn't …


Learning how to dance properly and gracefully requires perseverance as well as years of practice. This is a lesson a woman known only as Ms. Vokes learned the hard way. She decided with no obvious reason to become a professional dancer at the mature age of 51. Taking up dancing as a hobby is one thing, but pursuing a professional career is a whole different endeavor. The woman signed up for dance lessons at the well-renowned dance school of Arthur Murray.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

She attended the dance lessons diligently for a few years, but there was a problem. Ms. Vokes had no talent and no potential of becoming a professional dancer whatsoever. Although every dance instructor including Arthur Murray himself knew this they decided to lie to her. The instructors falsely praised her dancing skills and made her believe that a professional dance career was something she could accomplish easily. At one point Murray even convinced her into singing up for more dance lessons worth of $31,000.

When Ms. Vokes finally noticed she was making absolutely no progress she decided to sue Arthur Murray for lying and deceiving her. Eventually, after months of court hearings the final verdict of the judge was rather surprising. The verdict was in favor of Ms. Vokes. It turned out that because of the staggering volume of false flattery and the huge amount of cash Arthur Murray received he had a obligation to tell Ms. Vokes the truth about her dancing skills.


Murray was found guilty and had to pay back the $31,000 for deceiving Ms. Vokes.



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