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Did you know that a woman tried to aviod her speeding ticket by blaming her e…


Some people will do anything to get away from a ticket…


Catherine Goodwin from Derbyshire, UK, tried to apply a British passport in the name of her late husband Alex Goodwin, using a photograph of another man she had met in Spain. Shortly after officials realized the attempted fraud, they discovered that Alex had died back in 2007. Not only that, but in 2008, year after his passing, Catherine had blamed two speeding tickets. She could have got away with the minor traffic offence as she paid the insignificant £60 fine without the authorities realizing that her husband had in fact passed away, but some time later the truth came to light when she was arrested for the passport fraud.


According to Mrs Goodwin, she got into debt in Spain after her husband’s death and the debt collectors forced her to produce her late husband’s passport. However the judge, who sentenced her on four charges of perverting the course of justice and making fraudulent passport applications, described her actions as “callous”.


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