Did you know that a woman tried to sell her baby for $250….


Sometimes babies can be a reincarnation of our worst nightmare – they turn into little monsters that just suck the live out of us. However, trying to sell them on Gumtree isn’t the way to come with our little monster. But a UK mother apparently thought otherwise.

source: The Gumtree advert
source: The Gumtree advert

Reports state that an unnamed 20 year old mother of two from Bradford, UK, posted an advert on the advertising website Gumtree. The ad stated that the woman was selling her baby boy for £150,000 (around $250,000). The woman also wrote that the expensive purchase comes fully equipped with everything. However, she requested a deposit since she was apparently fed up with people wasting her time. Her baby boy was probably one of them.


After numerous users reported her actions the website took down the ad and the police tracked down the woman. Her two boys were taken away from her. According to reports, the woman, who is suffering from post-natal depression, told the police she did it as a joke, but the joke backfired. The two children are currently being looked after by family relatives.


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