Did You Know That A Woman Wanted To Have Plastic Surgery To Make Herself Look Uglier Because…


Usually, people decide on having plastic surgery because they want to look prettier. However, a certain woman from Chongqing, China went under the knife to make herself look less beautiful than she originally was. The reason behind her most weird decision was her ex boyfriend who had recently dumped her.



It turned out the ex boyfriend was afraid the 23-year-old woman was too attractive which might attract lots of other man. He wasn’t feeling safe and thought he wouldn’t handle any competition thus he chose to just leave her for another woman, allegedly much less attractive. The young woman was devastated as she had been in a relationship with that guy for six years. What is more, after having dealt with similar problems with her previous insecure partners, she thought an uglier face might be a solution to her ordeal. However, several plastic surgeons turned her down and advised her to seek psychiatric help.


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