Did you know that a woman wants to undergo plastic surgery in order to beco…


When people turn towards the option of going under the knife, they usually want to make themselves more attractive and beautiful. However, the case of a young Chinese woman is utterly different.

photo for illustration purposes only
photo for illustration purposes only

A 23 year old unnamed woman from Chongqing, China, got dumped by her ex-partner for another woman. The pair had been together for around 6 years, but the woman’s ex was feeling that the woman would considerer somebody else, since her good looks were apparently attracting many other men. After the breakup the woman indeed got a great number of admirers, but she turned them down. Not only that, but she began feeling hatred towards them and towards her attractive looks, so she decided to change herself. She opted for plastic surgery in order to become ugly and repulsive.


However, the surgeons thought otherwise. They saw the presence of mental illness behind the 23 year old’s beautiful face and decided to guide her towards physical therapy, which would allegedly help her more than surgery could.


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