Did you know that A woman was arrested for supplying abortion pills to…


Jennifer Whelan thought she was helping her underage daughter, but instead she got in trouble with the law.

Image Source: Wikipedia Image is for illustrational purposes only!
Image Source: Wikipedia
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The 39 year old single mother of one just wanted to help her daughter. Unfortunately, Jennifer’s kid didn’t have the required insurance in order to undergo an abortion at a clinic, so Jennifer took matters into her own hands. Since Pennsylvania law states that abortions should be performed only by qualified medics, she ordered some abortion pills online from a European website. However, her 16 year old daughter started experiencing pain and internal bleeding after swallowing the pills, so Jennifer took her to the nearest hospital. She came clean about her actions and pleaded guilty after her arrest. The judge ruled that Jennifer has to spend between 12 and 18 months in prison, pay a fine of $1,000 and undergo 40 hours of community service.


The state’s law could have fined her up to $15,000 and placed her behind bars for up to 7 years.


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