Did You Know That A Woman Was Caught On Camera While Ordering A Hit On Her ….


Julia Charlene Merfeld, a 20-year-old woman from Michigan, got fed up with her husband so much she wanted him dead. Or, to be more accurate, she wanted to get her hands on his $400,000 life insurance so she ordered a hitman.


However, what Merfeld didn’t know was the fact that the so called hitman was actually an undercover police officer. The constable was able to record his conversation with the woman during which she seemed carefree and extraordinarily calm. She wanted him to murder her husband on a Thursday so she could use her job as an alibi. Furthermore, she was clear that the scene mustn’t look like a robbery foul because she wanted a friend of hers to move in later with her and not get scared of potential thieves.


Merfeld promised to give $50, 000 for the murder but only after it was done. She told the undercover police officer she could pay only $100 as an earnest fee and that she would deliver the rest after she gets the full life insurance.


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