Did you know that a woman was checking her Facebook when she accidentally


Facebook proves to be dangerous not only for naughty teenagers who don’t want their parents to stalk them, but also for every other human being.


A tourist from Taiwan recently visited Melbourne, Australia, and probably wanted to tell all of her Facebook friends. However, she didn’t take a wise decision by checking her Facebook while walking on the St Kilda pier. According to news reports, it was around 11.30 PM and the woman was so wrapped up with her phone that she didn’t see the pier’s end in the dark and fell off. Other people, who witnessed the accident, called the water police immediately. When officers came to the scene, they found the female tourist floating in the water in a still position, because she allegedly couldn’t swim. She was taken to shore without any serious injuries.


The more curious fact is that the woman had managed to hang on to her phone even after the fall. Her friends on Facebook probably appreciate her now more than they did before.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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