Did you know that a woman was so drunk that she handed over a vod…


An elderly American woman was so heavily intoxicated that she reportedly handed over a vodka receipt to the patrol police instead of her driver’s license.


According to official reports, the 60 year old Brenda Drinkwater was driving on the wrong side of the road earlier this month in Massachusetts. Another driver was driving behind her car while honking and yelling the woman to stop. Frederick Ryan, the Arlington Police Chief, saw the unusual situation and immediately pulled Brenda Drinkwater over. He asked the woman for her registration documents and her license and the woman handed him over a receipt for a bought bottle of vodka and her credit card. The stunned officer asked the woman to step out of the car and take sobriety tests. It turned out the extremely intoxicated 60 year old was drinking from the opened bottle of vodka while driving her vehicle.


The reports state that this was Drinkwater’s 7th DUI arrest. She was also charged with reckless driving, driving on the wrong side of the road and drinking from an opened bottle of alcohol while operating a vehicle.


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