Did You Know That A Woman Was Weightlifting Two Days Before Giving Birth And Broke…


Meghan Umphres Leatharman from Arizona is nothing like other pregnant women. Instead of taking it easy like most moms-to-be would have done and giving up all serious physical activity, Meghan has decided to continue with her CrossFit routine until her due date.

Image Source: Barcroft Media
Image Source: Barcroft Media

The 33-year-old woman kept exercising and weight lifting throughout her entire pregnancy. She also kept going on hiking trips up in the mountain and walking her dog for three miles everyday. Her family gave her a hard time at first but then they realized what Meghan claimed was true – she was really happier and healthier going on with her working out regime and the baby was feeling great,too. What is more, she states that working out on a regular basis helped her go through her pregnancy much easier that she would have otherwise. She worked out until the last day before giving birth and even broke a weightlifting record. Meghan gave birth to a healthy baby girl and is hoping to return to her work outs in a few weeks.


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