Did You Know That A Woman Who "Came Back From Dead" Stunned Her Former Classmates When She….


School reunions could be one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. To see how all of your schoolmates you haven’t seen in decades have turned out could be extremely invigorating and interesting.

However, this was not the case with Christine Greenslade, 66. When Christine attempted to organize a nice reunion party for her pals from the St. Gertrude’s Convent in Cornwall, UK she was shocked to discover everyone believed she was dead.


When Christine started contacting her former classmates she was greeted with awkward silence. Christine moved to France in her early 20s where she got married and began work as an artist and interior designer. Her schoolmates received the news she was dead from an obituary in the local newspaper. All were devastated and mourned for her for decades.


It wasn’t until Christine began contacting her pals when she discovered the horrible mix up. When Christine’s mother passed away in 1980 her obituary was published in the newspaper. The woman remembered the newspaper employee asking her about hers and her mother’s name and supposed the two probably got switched thus the newspaper ended up publishing a wrong obituary.

Now the woman is eager to attend the reunion and catch up with her best pals from high-school.


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