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Did you know that a woman won $2m thanks to for…


Apart from prophesies and words of wisdom, fortune cookies also contain so-called lucky numbers. And while fortune cookies don’t usually do their magic, their lucky numbers indeed turned out to be the lucky numbers of an elderly woman from Bronx, New York.


75 year old Emma Duvoll was tired of playing various numbers in the Powerball lottery. So when her son brought her Chinese food and some fortune cookies, she though she would give the lucky numbers a try. Surprisingly, 5 of Emma’s numbers matched the lottery numbers. She got the shock of her life when she won $2 million on the 1st of February. The lucky numbers, which Emma used because she thought of them as “attractive”, were only one digit away from a full set.


The woman got to keep less than $1,250,000 after settling her taxes. She told the media she plans on investing some of the money, while spending the rest for a trip to Switzerland in order to visit relatives. Official reports state that 3 other Powerball winners won $1 million prizes this month.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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