Did you know that A young French boy faked his own kidnapping in order to…



There’s no doubt that for many children the greatest horror of all time is the buzzing of the dentist’s equipment. And one kid went overboard with when he came up with this elaborate excuse for missing his appointment.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

On the 21st of May, local police found a 12 year old boy in St. Gervais, a small village in the French Alps. The boy told the officers that he was hiding from a kidnapper and the police took him in for questioning. The kid told them he was going to the dentist when he was lured into the car of a 30-something year old man in a nearby town called Bagnols. The boy gave thorough descriptions of the kidnapper’s looks, clothes and car. The 12 year old was allegedly lucky to escape from his kidnapper after the man stopped at St. Gervais. The police plunged themselves into a month-long investigation of the case. They questioned the child again and this time he admitted he had made up the whole story only to avoid his dentist appointment.




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