Did you know that a young girl from New Mexico won the 1st prize at the National Rotten…


A 12 year old girl won what’s probably the most brutal and repulsive contest ever in the history of contests!


The 12 year old Jordan Armstrong from New Mexico proudly turned up at the 39th National Rotten Sneaker Contest in New York this year. The girl was one of the seven smelly competitors, but her sneakers managed to beat theirs. The contest’s judge commented on the extremely stinky sneakers by saying that they provoked him to look for a clothes pin for his nose or a gas mask for his whole face. According to him, this was the right kind of stench for the true winner. Armstrong took home $2,500 after admitting her sneakers were so stinky because she couldn’t take them off. It turned out that the girl had been wearing the prize-winning pair of sneakers for the past 2 years to the park, to school, to workouts and probably even to bed.


As if this story couldn’t have gotten any more repulsive!


Written by Patrick Bennet

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