Did you know that A young girl passed away from a brain…


Hally Nicole Yust, also called by her nickname “Bug”, used to live life to the fullest. The 9 year old girl from Spring Hills, Kansas, enjoyed all sorts of water sports, basketball, song writing, farming and playing with her friends and family. She wanted to become a basketball player at college and probably would have if she hadn’t caught Naegleria fowleri.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Hally caught Naegleria fowleri from one of the four lakes she had waterskied in over the past few weeks. The infection she got caused the N. fowleri, also known as a brain damaging water amoeba, to destruct her brain cells. The lethal microorganism lives freely in the water, but the chances of catching it are less than 1 in a million. Apart from Hally’s case, there was only one other case of decease by N. fowleri in the same state, which was recorded three years ago.


The risks of getting infected by this type of lethal water amoeba are increased during the hot summer season, since these microorganisms prefer fresh water.


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