Did you know that a young mother managed to escape with her newborn baby minutes before…


Over the course of several seconds a gigantic sinkhole managed to swallow a whole house just after its inhabitants managed to make a run for it.

Anastasia Tatarnikov and her newborn baby Kiril thought they were safe at their home in Ridder, Kazakhstan. The mother was sitting at home in front of her TV when the lights in the house started flickering and the ground started shaking. The woman thought it was an earthquake, but soon realized it was a sinkhole. She grabbed her son and ran out of the house, which was swallowed by the sinkhole seconds after the pair made their lucky escape. All of their personal belongings, including passports and documents, were irreparably lost.


According to official reports, the nearby miners are to blame for the sinkhole. There’s been no official word from the mine, but 480 other people are being evacuated since 120 other homes are at potential risk.


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