Did You Know That A 'Zombie' Man Reappeared In His Home Town After ….


The story of Clairvius Narcisse who was born in 1922 in Haiti is quite shocking. This man was believed to be a real living zombie walker. His case and many others were well documented and publicized by media.


One day in 1962 Clairvius felt horrible sensations all over his body complemented by a strong fever. He checked himself in the local hospital in the town nearby but his condition deteriorated and eventually he was declared dead by the medical staff. His own sister, Marie-Claire, signed the death certificate and organized his burial afterwards.

Clairvius was poisoned by his own brother over a land dispute. He was injected with a dangerous neuroparalethic toxin that brought him to a state of coma. Although Clairvius seemed dead in fact he wasn’t as he could hear and feel everything that was going on around him but without having the ability to move or talk.


Soon after he was buried alive the man was dug up by a voodoo priest and taken miles away to a large farm. There Clairvius, along with many others, was dozed everyday with a cocktail of Datura stramonium that had a strong hallucinogenic effect. He spent nearly two years working there till one day their captor got killed by a “zombie” colleague of his and everyone from the farm simply wandered off.

The half-dead Clairvius then returned to his home village where he had lead a peaceful life as a street beggar. He was still afraid of his brother and did not want to be discovered alive. It wasn’t until he learned of his brother’s death that he decided to claim back his identity.

He reappeared in front of his family and they recognized him immediately shocked that he was alive after all this time.


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