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Did You Know That About 20% Of People Are Chronically Bad In Spelling Because Of A …


Dyslexia is a learning disability which results in problems with reading, writing and spelling. It’s the most recognized of all learning disabilities. Reading specialists and neuroscientists have conducted research studies which showed the exact cause for dyslexia and particularly for having problems with spelling.


According to scientists the learning progress of a language in a 5-year-old child begins with active use of three basic parts of the human brain: left inferior frontal gyrus, left parieto-temporal system and the “word form area” which is the dictionary storage of the brain. The first two areas are where the phonemes or the constituent sounds are being recognized in order for the child to read and pronounce the words. The word storage, however, develops when a certain word has been already pronounced or written several times already.
Nevertheless, 20% of readers have problems with the latter. They can’t see the correct and complete model of a word in their mind’s eye using the word storage in their brains.


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