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Did You Know That According To A Twitter Based Analysis We Are Happiest …..


Happiness in general is a broad concept, often discussed by psychologists and other types of specialists. However, according to a recent research we are happiest predominantly around breakfast time. This analysis is based on the Twitter messages of several million people from all over the globe. Apparently, we tend to wake up feeling happy and in a good mood but as hours go by, we get grumpy. Normally, we cheer up again in the evening.


Taking into consideration all words associated with happiness that appear in Twitter posts, the Cornell University research team also found that we are happier during the weekends but that is hardly a surprise. Workload, stress, deadlines, time spent travelling to and from work are to blame for our bad mood but researchers believe there is more to it. Michael Macy, the head of the research team, pointed out that most people’s natural body rhythm and sleep is affected due to having to get up early for work, therefore it can affect their mood.


Another interesting pattern discovered by Cornell researchers shows that even though we are happier in the weekends and especially weekend mornings, our mood tends to gradually worsen then as well as time passes. It meas we are not happy all day just because it’s the weekend. According to Professor Macy their discovery is relevant for most people, regardless of their country, religion or ethnicity.


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