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Did You Know That According To Australian Scientists Pregnant Women Who Eat Junk Food Will…


When a woman is pregnant she needs to keep a nutritious and balanced diet at all times. It’s extremely important for the mother to carefully manage the intake of carbohydrates, proteins and especially fats in every stage of the pregnancy. Eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables is strongly advised in order to ensure a healthy nutrition for both the mother and the unborn baby. Although most women are aware of this, some often tend to give in to food cravings and develop bad eating habits that include junk food.


However, recent scientific discoveries suggest that bad eating habits during pregnancy might be much more disturbing than previously thought. According to a research conducted by the University of Adelaide, Australia mothers-to-be can pass their food habits to their unborn children. The research says that if a pregnant woman is on a strong junk food diet she would need to eat more and more fats and sugar in order to get the same good feeling thus increasing her preference towards junk food. It will also make her consume a much bigger amount of food than necessary. The researchers claim that this addiction is going to lead to the development of a predisposition for obesity and strong desire for junk food once the babies grow up. It will be very hard for the children of such mothers to maintain a healthy food diet and regular body weight later in life.




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